Welcome to the California Public Utilities Commission Subscription Service. This free service provides the public the ability to subscribe to documents published on the Commission's website that are associated with formal proceedings, resolutions, agenda related materials, and press releases. This service will allow you to follow a particular proceeding, industry, or type of document in a manner that best meets your needs. The Subscription Service will send subscribers an email notification when any document meeting their subscription criteria is published on the Commission's website.

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The Formal Proceeding Subscription Service provides notifications of documents that have been submitted to the CPUC and documents that have been accepted for filing. The documents submitted for filing may be accepted. They may also be rejected for technical errors with the filer given an opportunity to correct those errors and resubmit the filing. In addition, some types of documents are not currently published on the Commission's website, like prepared testimony, so the subscription service will not capture these documents. Subscriptions to Advice Letters are not currently available.